dimanche 30 mai 2010

Seven EDMs !!

Week-end studieux avec les défis EDM . Sauriez-vous reconnaître ces gros plans ? J'attends vos réponses   :oD

I wanted to have a go at a few of them... And don't forget the guessing game on EDM # 193, I'm waiting for your answers ! :oD

10 commentaires:

  1. What a wonderful family! You must be so proud of them.

  2. Wow - you have been working hard!! The cats are magnificent!! Looks like an illustration from an old storybook about cats. All of the rest are very well done also.

    All right - this is not easy: 1. hog, 2. dog, 3. mouse, 4. gorilla, 5. camel, 6. hippo, 7. anteater. I am 100% confident I got them all correct. (yeah, right.)

  3. Wow! So you nailed SEVEN?!!! =) That's great job! I particularly love the cat, because I love my cat too...I mean, don't get me wrong, he's a devil but I still love him.
    And the drawing of the noses just amuses me so much! ^^

  4. I'm so impressed - I love the noses, although I can't identify them all. You have a lovely family and adorable grandchildren. Thank you for sharing! nancy

  5. Wonderful, wonderful stuff!! I LOVE the nose drawings- 1. Horse 2. Dog 3. Mouse 4. Cat 5. Camel 6. Hippo 7. Anteater (I look forward to seeing the correct answers!)
    Your other sketches are fabulous as well- and your family is truly adorable as Nancy says. Nice!

  6. You've been busy, lovely sketches. The cat's are so good and a good idea for the challenge.
    As for the noses well I'm sure about these:-
    1. horse 2. dog. 2.cat. 4. hamster 6. hippo
    5 & 7 could be the camel & anteat as the other's see..you'll have to let us know!

  7. Wonderful pages, Martine!! I just love those cat drawings! The black one reminds me of ballet for some reason. You have a beautiful family!

    Oh goody...a game!
    1. hog 2. dog 3. cat 4. seal 5. camel 6. hippo 7. Umm...I'd like to use my "copy" now. What Dan said...anteater!

  8. Oh, so much goodness in this post! The noses are great and really made me smile and the flexible cats are lovely. What a precious family you have!