mardi 24 août 2010

Puy de Sancy - Sancy volcano

In Auvergne there are lots of old volcanoes and this is one of them: it's only about 6102 ft high. I didn't walk all the steps to the very top as I had decided to sketch it from a café table, sitting just outside the cable car arrival ( lazy me !)

La porte du gîte - The cottage door

Flowers and milk cans waiting for milking time

Ravel Castle

Ravel Castle
Mise en ligne par martinepittet
We visited quite a few castles that some owners find difficult and too expensive to repair and preserve.

Livradois landscape

Le village d'Usson - A view of Usson village

Nice village on a hillside, with many houses built in dark grey-brown stone

A winding street in Clermont Ferrand

A donkey in a village

Cute donkeys near a castle

Tournoël Castle and a tree near a lake

Some steps in front of the cottage

The Church in Saint Nectaire Le Haut

One of the large Roman churches one can see in Auvergne (centre of France) mostly built with dark volcanic stone. Impressive and austere !

The self catering cottage in the "middle of nowhere!"

Lost down a winding road, with very few neighbours apart from chickens, rabbits, deer and owls, no internet, no possible phone connection, we spent two weeks in this cottage with my husband, my sister and my Mum, and some friends joined us for daytime visits and meals. These were quiet holidays for sure !

mardi 3 août 2010

Randocroquis - Thème de Juillet-Août

Un petit voyage virtuel en Bretagne, Bourgogne et Suisse à travers des albums photos
Virtual journey through Brittany, Burgundy and Switzerland thanks to members' photos

Randocroquis - Personnages - People

Suivant les conseils de Bruno, une file de personnages imaginaires vus en perspectve.
Feutre fin noir et feutres pinceaux de couleur.

Following Bruno's advice some people I imagined standing in a queue and seen in perspective.
Black pen  and colour Pitt artist pens.

ED # 278, 279 and 281

Feutre et aquarelle Schmincke
Ink and Schmincke watercolour.