lundi 7 décembre 2009

My last page in my Daily Journal

Un essai de croquis d'après le site "". Pas facile de garder les bonnes proportions. Crayons de couleur Derwent dans mon carnet Moleskine.

I wanted to try drawing faces and bodies so I went to "", thanks to somebody's advice (sorry I don't remember the name) but I found it difficult to keep the correct proportions! Anyway here is the result with Derwent colour pencils in my Moleskine WC sketchbook..

3 commentaires:

  1. I have to agree with you on posemaniacs. It is difficult to draw from for some reason. I've done the whole body, but I haven't done any concentration on the head. It's so gruesome looking. I also find all the muscles and tendons a little distracting at first. I do a little better once I've warmed up!

  2. I love your journal pages! They're so great!
    Your paintings are awesome,too! I will visit you often!:)))

  3. I took a peek at the website, a body with the skin peeled off, yes, a little gruesome to sketch. Haven't tried it yet, I'm starting on the inside with the bones. Maybe I'll get to the muscles next.