samedi 26 décembre 2009

Daily Journal & EDM # 254 A bundle of Joy

Un Noël heureux en famille !

3 commentaires:

  1. This is so nice!! I loved Peter Rabbit when I was a child. I hope she really likes them! I know I do!! Great work!!

  2. oops. I left the comment in the wrong spot. :-) Now for this painting: I love the detail and the children's expressions. Cute grandkids! I want grandkids too!! (I don't have any kids yet - Hehehe!)

  3. I've been on a blogging break, so I've not been keeping up. Lots of wonderful things happening here! Love both versions of the rabbits, as well as the grandkids! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and best wishes to you for the coming new year!