mardi 21 février 2017

Lutter contre la grisaille

Après presque deux ans de silence, je vais tenter de réveiller ce blog endormi.
I haven't posted anything here for almost two years ! So I will try and revive this blog

Faute de soleil en Ile de France, j'ai tenté de réchauffer un peu les pages du carnet avec quelques couleurs.
For lack of sun in Ile de France, I tried to bring some colours in my sketches

A Noël dernier, avec les décorations chez mes enfants , c'était chose facile...

At Christmas, the decorations at my younger son's made my job easy ..

A Ecouen, il faisait frisquet et la lumière était rare !
In Ecouen, it was chilly and rather bleak !

J'ai parfois dû me servir de ma petite voiture comme atelier... au risque de surprendre les habitants du village d'Ennery:
I sometimes had to use my car as a studio, which surprised the village inhabitants !:
 A Pontoise même j'ai rapidement terminé ce croquis avant l'arrivée de la pluie :
In Pontoise I quicky finished this sketch before the rain came:
Bref, vivement le Printemps !
In short, I'll be glad when Spring comes !

5 commentaires:

  1. beautiful.. Good to see you back.. I don't post but love looking at the are work.

  2. I absolutely love your sketches, Martine, and I'm so glad you decided to start up your blog again. I hope to see more of your work soon.

  3. I enjoy your pictures. Glad you are blogging again. You may have inspired me to do the same!

  4. Dear Martine, I have followed your blog intermittently (about as often as I have posted on my own) and enjoy your paintings, and your sharing bits of your life. I will be in Paris in May, and hope you would consider meeting for a mini sketch-crawl with a grandmother from northern California on the 17th or 18th, Wednesday or Thursday. J'apprends le français depuis j'avais seize ans. J'ai des amies ici avec qui je parle "une sorte" de français deux fois par mois. Please take this note in the spirit of Everyday Matters. I would love to meet you. Virginia Hanley

    1. Dear Virginia, Sorry I didn't answer before but I was in South Brittany with my husband and my sister and I didn't really look at my e-mails.
      I came back to Pontoise last night but I will shortly leave again for Marseille to look after two of my grand-daughters (aged 3 and a half and 15 months) and then we'll go to Switzerland to look after the older grandchildren (Elisa : 11 1/2 and Antoine: 8 1/2) and then we'll be back in Pontoise for the Presidential election on April 23rd.
      So, I should be home and close to Paris in May . Just tell me when you know the dates of your stay and I'll see if I am free. I do hope I will be free so that we can meet and draw a few sketches together. Hope to read from you ! Martine