dimanche 13 juin 2010

EDM # Something that really should have been invented by now ...!!!!! / Une invention nécessaire !!!!!

Ce que je hais dans les départs en vacances: faire les valises ! Je passe un temps fou à décider ce que je vais emporter! Je sors un stock de Tshirts de mon armoire , les dispose sur mon lit, puis je me dis qu'il va peut-être faire frais, alors j'en sors d'autres, plus chauds .... oui, mais s'il fait très chaud ????.......... Je décide alors de me laisser un temps de réflexion, 10 30 minutes, parfois plus, tandis que je trouve une autre occupation. Et c'est alors que je me rends compte qu'il est 19 heures et que ma valise est toujours vide................ Et s'il pleut ??? .......... Que vais-je prendre alors ??????? ..
J'ai donc pensé que j'avais vraiment besoin d'une machine comme celle-ci !!

What I hate about holidays ? Packing !! I spend so much time packing a case, deciding what to take ..........taking various Tshirts and things out of my wardrobe, displaying them on my bed, then thinking it might be chilly, so out come more Tshirts, warmer ones,.. and yet, what if it's hot.. ?  Then I decide to leave the whole thing for a few minutes (10, 30 minutes sometimes more, while I do something else). Then I realize it's 7 pm and the case is still empty... and what about a rainy day ? What shall I take, then, ?????????????
So I thought I definitely needed one of those machines !!

11 commentaires:

  1. If I had one of these it would first suggest I rent a truck and hire an assistant to take with me, too. I like your good ideas and sketches..

  2. I want one! Could it pick out my clothes for the day as I am not a morning person? Great Sketch!

  3. When and where can I buy this? ^^ My wife needs it!!
    Really nice idea Martine!

  4. Definately a good invention, shame it isn't available, it would useful every morning too.

  5. great invention, can it be transformed in a vacuum cleaner while you are traveling?

  6. excellent idea! maybe it could do my clothes shopping too!

  7. Love this idea! I agree, it totally should have been made by now!!

  8. Yippee! Wonderfrul gadget - wish I'd invented it. My travel routine is like your - but I end up taking 10 bags!

    Yoursketch is mar-ve-lous.

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  9. Superb! What a wonderful gadget - and your sketch and instructions make it all so clear. I wish someone would pick up on this and start manufacturing!

  10. Oh, Martine, I'm holding my sides with laughter. You have an amazing imagination. Love it!!!!!

  11. Too funny, that would be so handy!!! But in my case, I would need a huge trunk rather than a suit case... I always over pack : )

    Fun drawing.