mercredi 4 novembre 2009

EDM # 247 Something creepy

"Cousin, faucheux, maringouin", -"tipule" pour le nom savant - peu importe l'étiquette - ce genre de bestiole, même si je sais que ce n'est pas dangereux, me donne la chair de poule, et c'est toujours près de moi qu'elles viennent.. dommage pour elles !!.

A crane fly (daddy longlegs) is always creepy for me: I know it's not dangerous but I can't stand it when they come inside and fly about the room -always near me (too bad for them, then !!!)

Autre chose qui me donne encore plus la chair de poule en ce moment, c'est la clinique Ste Marie avec ces examens qui approchent......

Another really creepy thing for me at the moment : this private hospital where I'll undergo medical investigations next week... Stressful..

9 commentaires:

  1. I really like everything about this composition, and Yes creepy to me too.

  2. Both are very nice drawings (I'm not afraid of spiders, so it's easy to say that. ) Brave of you to draw it!
    Good luck at the hospital! I'm sure things will be fine.

  3. In the US, daddy longlegs are really spiders, with no wings.

    We call what you drew, female mosquitoes, though I'm not sure what they are!! I don't like them either!

  4. I agree with that totally. We have lots of these in Germany(especially in the bathroom for some reason) and the like to fly low and slow... I am just glad that they are not bloodsuckers, that would have given people sleepless nights!
    Love your drawing Martine, as always ^^

  5. Hope it all goes well, however I love your arrangement!

  6. I think EDM is a safe place to share your trepidation--there's an old saying: Sorrows shared are halved/joys shared are doubled. Better to find out than continue to worry. Whatever the results, we will be here for you. Keep drawing.

  7. I love how you washed the background with different colors. I like insects, especially those that don't bite, the crane fly adult doesn't bite or suck or sting, they don't even eat. The larva help the environment by promoting the decomposition of leaves and other plant material.

  8. We do have a lot of mosquitoes here and I like them the way you draw it, "flatten".
    Really liked your trees in ink, a few post ago.
    I will be thinking of you next week,
    keep drawing, oui!

  9. Oh, we called these mosquito hawks when I was little. They eat mosquitoes and so I loved them! I used to catch them and keep them as pets. I was a strange child I guess! Well done!