vendredi 1 novembre 2013

Nouveau défi pour le groupe Sketching Workshop sur Facebook- New sketch challenge on Facebook

Défi du groupe Sketching Workshop: "50 croquis pendant le mois de Novembre "
Un temps tellement humide et triste à ne pas mettre un croqueur dehors, alors on fait avec ce que l'on a sur place !!

Challenge for the Sketching Worshop Group : 50 sketches in November .
It rains and rains here near Paris, the sky is grey and dull.. Typical All Saints' Day weather over here... so, since I can't sketch outdoors, I decided to use and sketch objects at home starting with an "A" today ! It may look as if I want to teach you a few French words !!  ;)

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  1. These are lovely studies. It will be interesting to see what 50 subjects you choose, bonne chance