lundi 17 juin 2013

- Bretagne Sud toujours !! - More sketches from South Brittany !

 Au soleil ou sous un ciel gris, j'adore regarder l'océan.
On a sunny day or with a grey sky, I love watching the ocean.

La Pointe de Trévignon - Finistère - South Brittany
Un peu gris et brumeux, un peu frais mais j'aime quand même !
A bit of a grey, hazy and cool atmosphere, but I still love it  !

7 commentaires:

  1. Martine, your watercolors of the env'ment are always wonderful!
    I love them.

  2. These are lovely seascapes. Tres bien!

  3. I love these -- great sketches!

  4. Beautiful sketches. Hope to see more

  5. You got that gray, hazy sky down perfectly. Great atmosphere!

  6. I just feel like I want to be there....NOW! :D