vendredi 22 mars 2013

Cuisine à Locmiquélic USK - France

Pour le carnet "Cuisines, fruits et légumes" du groupe USK France, voici ma cuisine bretonne, tout en bleu et blanc.
J'ai triché un peu en ajoutant du ciel bleu derrière le vélux, car aujourd'hui il tombe des cordes en Morbihan... le printemps ce n'était qu'hier :0{ , mais au moins cela m'a permis de finaliser le croquis au sec !

Sketch for the French USK group. The sketchbook 's theme is "Kitchens, fruit and vegetables", so here's my blue and white kitchen in South Brittany.
I cheated a bit by adding some blue sky behind the window, as today it is pouring with rain ... Spring was only yesterday ... :0{
But at least it gave me the opportunity to stay warm and dry at home, and put the fiinishing touch to the sketch !

6 commentaires:

  1. I love your blue and white kitchen, and your sketch is delightful!

  2. Thats a neat design for a kitchen, really different and unique layout.
    Great sketch, reminds me of my mums old kitchen, she loves blue.

    Happy spring!!

  3. Great job and I love the "blue" of the kitchen.

  4. I just love this. Fabulous perspective.