samedi 24 octobre 2009

Devant le Grand Palais / At the "Grand Palais"

Quelques minutes pour croquer une statue autour de la fontaine du Grand Palais à Paris, en attendant d' entrer à l'exposition : "Renoir et le XXè siècle".
A few minutes to sketch a statue on the fountain next to the "Grand Palais" in Paris, while waiting to get in to visit the exhibition:"Renoir and the 20th century".

4 commentaires:

  1. Lovely, ethereal figure. Hope to see sketches from your trip, but I understand how grandchildren come first. Mine love for me to sketch and paint their toys in my sketchbook, and even "do" a page themselves. I love having all of those memories in my sketchbook.

  2. such a classic feel - lovely

  3. Wow.. you did this whole thing is just a few minutes? ^^ THAT must be one of the fastest sketch ever, and to be able to draw something so pretty, it's almost like magic!